Space saving radiant panel heaters


Compatible with Nest, Hive, Honeywell, KNX, Raspberry Pi, Delta Dore and Prefect Controls

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To help preserve the environment, and as part of its sustainability policy, Ecolec offer a Do Not Scrap return-to-base full refit and refurbishment service.

A simple 3 point plan!

  • Measure Room Sizes
  • Calculate Heat Loss
  • Select Radiator
Responsive image ECO 1000DL/IP44/PC/RX/43/H

Better control saves energy, saves money

Department of Energy & Climate change suggest (2013) that a domestic energy bill is made up of 17% to hot water and 66% to domestic heating Managing and controlling your heating “Where you want it, when you want it” is the key to saving money.

Why ecolec® use Solid State Switching technology

Long Life - Solid state switches have no moving parts. Therefore there is no mechanical wear and tear of the output contacts. Ideal for repetitive applications.
Quiet Operation - Solid state switching solutions make no acoustical noise when the output contacts change states. This is highly desirable in most domestic, commercial and medical applications.
Minimum Electrical Noise - Zero voltage turn-on and zero current turn-off allows for minimum electrical disturbances.
Fast Switching - Burst control can be easily achieved to provide accurate AC power control.

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Schematic diagram of controls using ECO5203/ECO5003

Max loading 230v 16A relay contacts 3600 watts resistive load only

For example see below:
3 x ECO1000D/RP/RC/RZ/70, or,
1 x ECO2000D/RP/RC/RZ/70
2 x ECO1500D/RP/RC/RZ/70
3 x ECO1000D/RP/RC/RZ/70
4 x ECO750D/RP/RC/RZ/70
6 x ECO500D/RP/RC/RZ/70

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Simply wire the heater to a fused spur and a 16amp Relay / Cable Length 2m / Cable exit on the rear / Fitting Kit Supplied / On/Off Switch located on the side


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